In Spring '97, I'll be TA'ing for the following classes:
PIC110Concurrent Programming Prof. Victor Eijkhout
PIC197The Internet from the ground up Prof. Tony Falcone

My office hours for Spring 97 will be: Tue3-4 (110), Thu2-3(197), Thu3-4(Both), and by appointment. All office hours will be held in the PIC lab (BH 2817). If you feel like hunting me down, I'm usually in my office (MS 2954) when I'm not in class.

If you can't make the above office hours, let me know, and we can schedule an appointment at another time. The best way to reach me is via email at: or you can leave a note in my mailbox (in MS6363).

As the quarter progresses, I'll be adding handouts, HW solutions, etc. to this page.

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