To see my handout for the 970401 section of 110, see here.

Please note that the paths for the -I and -L options in the Makefile were set for machines on MathNet, as is the "machines" file. You'll want to use /u/laguna/h1/fa/eijkhout/mpich instead of /u/jacobi/h1/guest/eijkhout in both the -I and -L options in the Makefile, and use a machines file containing the lines:


To see my solutions to the second homework, see here. The file "smooth.c" is the source code, while machines and Makefile are the supporting files. Note that to save myself typing, I put the "mpirun" command in the Makefile as a target, so all I needed to do to run the program while testing is "make run".
For additional "fun", see the file. This is a plot of student output (the crosses), my output (the diamonds), and a true square function (the squares with dots inside).