In Spring '98, I'll be TA'ing for the following classes:
Program in Computing
COMPTNG 10C Advanced Programming
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ID Number Type Sec Days Start Stop Bldg Rm
Detail LEC 1 MWF 09:00A 09:50A HAINES 118
157052201 DIS 1A TR 09:00A 09:50A BOELTER 5420
157052203 DIS 1C TR 12:00P 12:50P MS 3915A

My office hours for spring 98 are tentatively: M1:30-2:30, T10:30-11:30, R1-2. All office hours hours will be held in the PIC lab (BH 2817). If you feel like hunting me down, I'm usually in my office (MS 2344) when I'm not in class.

If you can't make the above office hours, let me know, and we can schedule an appointment at another time. The best way to reach me is via email at: or you can leave me a note in my mailbox (in MS6364).

As the quarter progresses, I'll be adding handouts, HW solutions, etc. to this page. You can link to Prof. Shinnerl's PIC10C page .

Here are examples of a 2-3 tree implementation: T23.cpp, T23.h, and d23.cpp. Compile and run d23.cpp for a good time.

Here are the solutions for written HW #1.

For general fun, you might want to check out the 2-3 Tree Interactive Java Demonstrarion. Kinda cute.

Here are the solutions to the first programming HW: d234.cpp, T234.cpp, T234.h.

Here are the solutions to the second written assignment

Here is a midterm-review sheet for your midterm on May 8'th.

Here's a quick tour of the Borland C++ Integrated debugger. Read it. Learn it. Use it.

Here's a short overview of topics relating to hash tables. Read it for fun and profit.

Here are the solutions to the third written assignment

Here are the solutions to the third PHW (hash tables).

Here is an alternate implementation of priority queues. The chief advantage here is that the array is of a dynamic size, so that you don't need to commit to a size at construction time -- it'll grow as needed. Also, the dequeue has a different syntax, a more logical one, in my opinion.

Here are the solutions to the fourth written assignment

My executable solution to PHW#4 is posted on the H: drive and here. Make sure that when you run it, you specify the data files in the right directory. If you find any problems with the MST code (or anything else), please let me know.

Here is the Final review sheet.

Here is the solution to PHW#4. Enjoy.

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