In Spring '99, I'll be a TA for:
PIC 1, Lec. 2 Introduction to Computers & Computing Prof. Rita Fioresi
Specifically, I'll be TAing the following sections:
   157005212 LAB 2B W 11:00A 11:50A BOELTER 2817 
   157005216 LAB 2F W 1:00P   1:50P BOELTER 2817 
   157005211 LAB 2A F 10:00A 10:50A BOELTER 2817
   157005213 LAB 2C F 11:00A 11:50A BOELTER 2817

If you want to reach me for questions, comments, to set up an appointment, or anything else, the best way to reach me is via email at: or you can leave me a note in my mailbox (in MS6364). You can also try an find me in my office (MS2344).

My office hours for Spring quarter are: Monday 1-1:50, Wednesday 10-10:50, and Friday 9-9:50, all in the PIC lab (BH 2817).

As the quarter progresses, I'll be posting more information here. Stay tuned.