In Winter '99, I'll be the TA for:
PIC 40 CGI/Perl programming for the Internet

Office hours for winter '99 will be: Tue 10-11, 2-3, and Thurs 2-3. All OHs will be held in the PIC lab (BH2817). If you can't make these times, feel free to make an appointment at some other time.
If you want to reach me for questions, comments, to set up an appointment, or anything else, the best way to reach me is via email at: or you can leave me a note in my mailbox (in MS6364). You can also try an find me in my office (MS2344).

Here is the professor's page for the class.
For those of you not familiar with any unix editors, I suggest using "pico". It is extremely easy to learn, as it follows the traditional dos "edit" mentality. However, if you are adventurous, or just want to learn a more powerful editor, I recommend GNU Emacs. Here is a reference sheet for gemacs in Postscript form, and in text form. For a tutorial on gemacs, fire it up, type esc-x help-with-tutorial and hit enter. Enjoy.